Here are a few videos and informations about my work.

2016-now: sabbatical year project: innerChange

I spend a year visiting different countries to meet peacemakers, theologians, activists, spiritual teachers,  to hear what they have to say about: contemplation, spirituality, forgiveness, nonviolence, us vs them, dialogue, nonviolence, welcoming refugees. 4-5 educational movies of about 50 min will be released as well as a 2 hours long movie with the highlights of all the interviews.

All this work is still in progress… so it is what it is !

First teaser on the subject of forgiveness

Teaser of mediation with a dancer

Here is a short teaser of how I would like to have some meditations in my documentary, this one is about dialog, being bridge builder. (It echo a film that I’m doing about the Lebanese war and how ex-militia fighters got out of their us/them mentality through contemplation )

I went to Iceland with a dancer to shoot some danses that will highlight some of the theme that I want to present:


The music is not licensed, this is just a test.

Educational documentary about dialog, us/them, moral values

This is the film about dialog and the war in Lebanon. Work in progress, currently it’s only the storyline, I need to add b-roll footage and other stuff

Password: go

Educational documentary about forgiveness

Film about how forgiveness can change us

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Education documentary about mindfulness and contemplation

Film about contemplation, mindfulness.

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2016: children choir from the middle east

video clip of 3 middle east children choir (Iraki, Lebanese and Palestinian) singing what christmas means for them. A fourth swiss choir sings along.

2015: refugee road to europe

video clip on the subject of the refugee road to Europe. Filmed some refugee, trying to bring awareness that they are real people, they have emotions and dreams

2015: Jesus childhood and how we take care of our own children

Shooting took place in the Holy Land in a place that looks like a first century village. The idea behind the project was to question why “Jesus became what he became” ? We show the humanity of Jesus, the relationship with his dad and mother. Then we have a 7 teaching that family can use together to learn some practical ways to relate to one an another. Base on some bible text mediation and psychologic informations.

This is the main song that was created for the project:

More informations :

2015: living as refugees in Switzerland

web production that give the voice to 10 refugees that about their struggles, what it means to live in Switzerland as refugee

2013-2014: TV production for NGO

a TV production of 10 shows that highlight the works of 10 small christians NGO, speak about the values of the people working there

2013: one bowl of rice for a week.

A campaign that try to raise the awareness of people of what it means to eat only a bowl of rice for lunch for a week.

Teaser for the campaign

2010-2014: Christmas rebels

some video and a website to promote the Christmas season with a emphasis on finding the meaning of Christmas, thinking of the other, letting go of the consumerism at this time of the year. Got some good coverage of the media in Switzerland



1999: creation of a CD with a band on the subject of being vulnerable, real. Was inspired by the grunge music movement where I discovered that some of these singers allowed themselves to sing about their failures. (This was something that I hadn’t experienced in my whole church life and it changed the way I saw worship songs)

2002: creation of a musical about the “Song of songs”

2002-2006: plant of an emerging church with an emphasis on arts and social work. Trying to have a balance with “relationship with God”/”relationship with us”/”relationship with the other”, it was called 3D for those 3 dimensions.



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